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Roswell, GA
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Artist's Statement:

Things are not all so comprehensible and expressable as one would mostly have us believe; most events are inexpressible, taking place in a realm which no word has entered and more inexpressible than all else are works of art, mysterious existences, the life of which, while ours passes away, endures. Ranier Maria Rilke

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Dear Friends and Family,

It has been a very exciting and busy year for me. I continue to work on refining my skills both as a potter and as a teacher, and I am happy about the direction of my work..

Please come visit my "Pots for Sale" section for a current list of new pieces.

I have also added a "Gallery" section with pictures of my older and newer work. Some of these pieces are available for sale. If you are interested in a particular piece, please email me and I can let you know the availability and price.

Also, I welcome visiters to my studio if you would like to look at my pieces in person. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Please go to my "for sale" page to view these pots.

Please don't forget that another possible gift idea for your friends and family would be a gift certificate for classes (or add pottery classes to your own wish list -- just send them a link to this site).

Thank you for visiting my site.

Love, Jewel Rubin



Please come take a look at my gallery of past works





Georgia Pottery

I have a fascination for woodfired pottery I wish I could indulge more often.






Pottery Instructor Roswell, GA

click for pottery class informationI am also currently offering one-on-one pottery classes for adults and children in the Atlanta, GA area

I am now offering a workshop for discovering and recovering your creative self in "The Artist's Way." Join together with other creative inidividuals as we explore our own personal creativity.

Your art form does not need to be in clay. This workshop is available for all forms of artistic endeavor.





I began my exploration with Oxidation (electric kiln) 


Raku (my husband calls it "Ragoo") has yielded some interesting results:

I have a propane gas kiln (fiber downdraft & I Love it!!).   It has a duel purpose as a raku kiln and a reduction kiln. I have been very excited with the results.


click for larger image

Please come back and visit often.

I welcome you to take a look at the results of my exploration. Visit often - I will update the pages as new pots come out of the fire.  I will add new pages as I learn new styles. I hope you enjoy what you see. I welcome your feedback.