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Hanna, making the pot, below

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Hanna's husband, Gabi (with the camera) and my husband, Paul

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Visit Hanna's Website Here is a link to a website that can get you to many Clayarters websites.

Clayart and Visiting Israeli Potter

I have been participating on an Internet newsgroup of potters from around the world, called Clayart -- for those of you who are or would-be potters out there, come visit.  This is a really great group of people and the information shared on this newsgroup is priceless. 

Hanna Peled

In 2001, I saw a message on Clayart from an Israeli potter whose husband was taking a two-week class at Georgia Tech.  She was looking for a studio to make pots (I could totally undersand that!  It's what I would want to do on vacation.)  So, I sent her an e-mail inviting her to use my studio while they were in town.  I learned that Hanna has been a potter and a teacher of pottery for 20+ years.  She generously shared her knowledge and experience with me.  Hanna and Gabi's visit is something I will treasure for a long time.

Here are some pictures I'd like to share of Hanna's visit and her work.  At the bottom of the page is a link to Hanna's website.  One final note, Hanna's speciality is glaze formulation and she shared a few of her recipes with me.  I tried out her Ivory base glaze with sapphire glaze and copper oxide wash on top and totally loved the results (see samples of the cups at the bottom Oxidation section).

Here's a short video clip Hanna's husband took:Visit from Israeli Potter to Pottsability Pottery